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No Tanas no helps freedom seeking entrepreneurs create a visual identity that inspires trust and increases value.
No Tanas no helps small businesses refine their message, tell their story, and attract amazing clients.

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The Importance of Consistency

Consistent Visuals
Having a consistent brand identity builds credibility and trust. We all love a good personality disorder, but do you really want to do business with one? Neither does anyone else. Keep your visuals consistent and in line with your values.
Consistent Message
A short clear statement of what you do and why you do it helps visitors remember you. When you can simply and confidently state your offer, the perceived value of your service goes up! And when you repeat it using a consistent voice, you become reliable--a trusted advisor. Make it as simple as possible so they can get it right away. Don't forget, they're in a hurry! So help them out and keep it short and memorable.
Consistent Story
Clear, consistent communication and a solid brand identity increase the value of your service. Storytelling introduces an emotional element that will make you unforgettable. We like to think of ourselves as rational beings making decisions based on carefully weighted features and benefits. But evidence shows time after time that our decisions are based on emotions and later backed up with reason.

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Solving problems is what I do best. I'm a trained artist with18 years of advertising experience with national brands such as Neiman-Marcus, Sam's Club and JC Penney. And do you know what? I'm not wasting my time or talent making money for a board of directors ever again!

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